Monday, April 14, 2008

funny YA books

i've decided i need to read something funny soon (funny ha-ha, not funny strange). it takes a lot for me to laugh out loud when i'm reading a book. some adult authors who routinely deliver the funny, to me, are laurie notaro and david sedaris. but when it comes to YA books that really make me laugh, not much comes to mind. i can always rely on sue townsend, author of the adrian mole series for YAs and some adult books, to give me a good laugh (often in that cringing way). the first few louise rennison books usually guaranteed a good laugh (i still enjoy them, but they're getting ooooold). i guess i'm thinking about this because i just read elizabeth scott's perfect you. it was a fantastic read. kate, the main character, is acerbic and smart, and the dialogue is excellent. i laughed a few times while reading it, but wanted it to be more funny, less serious at times. so, can you think of anything you've read that was truly funny to you? i need a break from the seriousness!


Anonymous said...

If it needn't be YA -- if middle grade is okay -- my fave funny book is Circle of Doom by Tim Kennemore. Made me laugh out loud through two readings.

kristin said...

Hey Amanda, do you ever read romance novels? I don't really, but I make two exceptions, two novelists I got to know because I was the editorial assistant for their editor years ago. They're Janet Evanovich (her Stephanie Plum series, starting with One for the Money), and Jennifer Crusie. Evanovich is not politically correct, nor is she William Shakespeare, but she will make you laugh. Crusie gives me hope for the genre in general-- her books are hysterical and really satisfying, and well-written.

(It's possible the Evanovich books are classified as mysteries, not romances? Both authors write romantic mysteries.)

Anyway, yeah, so I just noticed the title of your post was "funny YA books." So maybe I've just wasted my breath. But I can't think of any funny YA books that aren't also really sad (like Catcher in the Rye), and my mind leapt to romance! So there you have it.

Amanda said...

kristin and rebecca, thanks for both of your suggestions. your comments feed right into what i've been thinking about lately: where's the truly funny YA stuff? you suggested middle grade and adult books, which is exactly where i usually look when i want a good, funny read. kristin, my oma LOVES janet evanovich. i keep saying i'll read her books, but never do. i'll put all of your suggestions onto my library list. i'll take the funny stuff where i can get it, but i still wonder, why can't i think of more YA books that make me laugh?