Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Summer reading

As I just typed the title of this post, I suddenly pictured summer reading programs from my childhood. Remember the fun of keeping track of everything you read, then getting to go to the library to pick out some silly little prize and get a certificate? Those were good times!

I'm hoping we can choose books for June and July soon. What are people interested in reading? More realistic stuff? Fantasy? Vampire books? Historical fiction? A classic? Total fluff? A grown up book that reads like YA? A graphic novel? Nonfiction? Is there anything new coming out that people are anticipating? Put your thinking caps on!


Amanda said...

you know what i am going to read this summer? the first sweet valley high book, now that the series is being repackaged. i'm not sure how many libraries would have it, but i think it's mass market size and costs like $6. is anyone interested in reading that with me, either for the book club or just for fun? i really enjoyed those books as a teen (or i guess maybe what they now call "tween") and am curious to see what i think about them now!

kristin said...

i never really read those books, so i'd love to try one now. i'm in.

i gotta say, though, every time i see the phrase "summer reading," i get confused. why is everyone suddenly talking about summer reading? hasn't it been summer for, like, 3 months now? :o)

(florida messes with your head. and when you're from the north and it's 85 degrees, you just assume it's june... so i've been assuming it's june since about mid-march...)

Jess said...

Oh, I think it would be really fun to read the Sweet Valley High books!!