Sunday, May 18, 2008


Do I have your attention?


So, I'm asking for help.  (No, not sex help.  Sigh... this is already starting out calamitously....)  I am looking for passages in books, or even books in their entirety, in which a relationship is presented to the reader such that the reader can't tell for sure whether the relationship is sexual. You know the passages I mean-- the ones where you read it and you get this feeling something might be going on between the characters, you're pretty sure there's some hanky panky going on, but you can't be positive?  Because the author has does a really good job laying seeds but keeping it subtle.

I am struggling with writing a similar scene, and am desperate to see how other writers have done this...

Anyone have any suggestions of things for me to read?

Thanks in advance!  :)


Amanda said...

kristin, i just want to tell you that i'm thinking about this question a lot, but not coming up with much. it seems like sex itself is often hidden off the page (either implied that it happened, or just the gory details are glossed over), but not an entire sexual relationship (that i can think of). i've been pondering if maybe we'd see more of this in adult books vs. YA, but still come up with nothing. but i am thinking! have you come up with any examples yet?

kristin said...

actually, i did think of one-- from the beginning of hartnett's sleeping dogs, remember that book? I can't believe i forgot it, seeing as it's where i got my lj name, jordanwillow, from. jordan and his sister are having sex, and you get an eerie feeling about it the first time they're shown together (in bed, quite literally, if i'm remembering right), but you don't get confirmation of your suspicion until later in the book. that first scene is the sort of thing i'm looking for. (note, i haven't actually reread it yet, so it's possible i'm misremembering how it happens...)