Friday, October 2, 2009

let's pick a book!

okay, so it's been forever since we've chosen a book to read. is anyone up for picking something to read and discuss soon? my to-read list consists of: hate list by jennifer brown; hold still by nina lacour; after by amy efaw; the vast fields of ordinary by nick burd; stitches: a memoir by david small; andromeda klein by frank portman; and jumping off swings by jo knowles. is anyone else reading any of those soon? or does anyone have any suggestions? i miss there being activity on the blog!


rebecca said...

i'm currently re-reading angela johnson's heaven, after which i'll be re-reading the first part last, both in preparation for sweet hereafter, which is due out in january. anyone wanna join?

Cassandra Mortmain said...

I made myself late to work this morning by insisting on picking up FIRE the very first moment I could, so that's definitely top of my reading list right now. I've also been reading great things about Sara Zarr's new book, Once Was Lost. I haven't read anything of her's and I'd love to give it a go. Last but not least, I really want to read Terry Prachett's Nation before January, because its this year's Christmas production at the National Theatre in London, and it's going to be broadcast worldwide, so I really want to check out both the book and the adaptation.

Dawn said...

Oh man, so many choices. I just finished Andromeda Klein and would love to talk about it, but I'm up for anything else. Not very helpful on my part I guess, but I'm happy you got the ball rolling again, Amanda.