Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hey, Y'all!

This is my first ever Misfit post! I've been running into fellow Misfit Margaret most Sunday evenings when we engage in the same trivia face-off (M, I have been noticing and appreciating your 30 Rock-inspired team names) and it reminds me how much I love being part of this club.

I'm wondering what everyone's reading these days? Personally I've been on a drug memoir tear, but I think I need to put that to rest for awhile - all that destruction is not good for one's soul. I also devoured Jellicoe Road, which I adored and was very happy that it won the Printz. I'm awaiting a few things on my queue at the library, but right now I'm looking for the next thing to sweep me off my feet.

Anybody got some great recommendations? Anything interesting going on in general? Hope you are all well and making the best of this long, cruel winter.

Nerd up! Dawn


Cassandra Mortmain said...

Hey Dawn!

I'm glad you've been appreciating the names. My roommate and I (defacto team captains) are obsessed with the show. I keep a notebook of potential quotes. Because we're that dweeby.

As for your actual question, I just finished Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons (which was awesome) and I've been on a genre fiction kick of late-- mysteries for a bit before hand, and now a handful of trashy romance novels (which I blame on discovering the book blog Smart Women, Trashy Books). In Children's/YA I've recently read River Secrets by Shannon Hale and subjected myself to the 12-chapter first draft of Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer. Which was awful, but has engendered such excellent web-based mockery that it was almost worth reading.

Does anyone have any ideas for another book to read? I think Rapzunel's Revenge, by Shannon Hale, might be a fun March read. It's quick as all get out, and it's totally superb. And it just got a Sybill!

Amanda said...

right now i'm reading the fortunes of indigo skye by deb caletti. i'm only about 75 pages in, but i'm loving it so far. i really like her books. my list of YA stuff that is on order at the library is short for now: this full house (wolff), along for the ride (dessen), and a swift pure cry (dowd).

since so much of my reading time is spent reviewing books, i find i'm now reading more adult fiction than usual to keep things interesting. we're heading out of town later today and i've got christopher moore's fool packed (i LOVE him). also, the library has a big stack of books waiting for me on potty training and on montessori school. wooohoo!

the library doesn't have them on order yet, but i'm antsy to get my name on the list for wintergirls (anderson), absolutely maybe (yee), and perfect fifths (mccafferty).

as far as what to read next, i'll read pretty much anything. the book club is so quiet and i miss discussion, random posts, etc.

Meaghan said...

"Suck it, monkeys, I'm going corporate."

OK, I'm not really going corporate, but that's one of my all-time favorite Lemon lines.

Out of school, and suddenly lots of time for pleasure reading. Just about to start the fourth Montmorency book... loving the historical fiction/intrigue/thriller. Graceling is next in the queue (sorry, Kristin, for just getting to it), and I'm awaiting the release of my friend Alisa's book The King's Rose.

Cassandra Mortmain said...

See, it's exchanges like this that make me psyched to be a member of this book club, even if I participate with pathetic infrequency. How else, though, would I have learned about The King's Rose which ohmigod is historical fiction about the Tudors??? With a pedigree from people I trust, no less. How exciting! I love me some Henry VIII. I am totally going to request this book as soon as it comes out.