Thursday, July 24, 2008


We've recently added a few folks, so I thought I'd make a new post for them to introduce themselves in the comments section. Also, if anyone else knows of people who'd like to join (be sent an invite so they can post), let me know their email addresses and I can set them up. Even though it's been a few years since any kind of "back to school" stuff, I still associate fall with school and am feeling geared up for more postings and discussions once summer is over. A wider group of people reading/posting might help with that. So link to us from your webpages/blogs, pass around the blog address to any friends who might be interested, etc.

Anyway, introduce yourselves, new friends! (Also, if you check the archives, one of the first posts is introductions, if you'd like to get caught up.)

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deborah said...

Hi! I'm Deborah. I'm a Simmons Children's Lit person (surprise, surprise, in this crowd) though I'm currently working as an archivists at Tufts University, where the only children's lit connection is the Marc Brown collection recently donated to the Tufts Archives.

I review for Kirkus and Horn Book magazine, and will be teaching Fantasy and Science Fiction at Simmons this fall. And I've met some of you once or twice through Rebecca and Kristin.

My blog sometimes talks about children's literature but that's the minority, so I'm excited to be here!