Thursday, January 31, 2008

"Shut up and stop condescending to teenagers!"

This week in censorship news:

The above video is taken from the Nerdfighters site. In it, John Green talks about his book, Looking For Alaska, being labeled "pornagraphic" and facing challenges in the Depew High School system. He urges emails of support to be sent to his email address,, and he will then forward them to the school board. Check it out.


rebecca said...

alas, as a professional reviewer (which i know some of y'all are too), i feel like i can't watch or read blog posts from authors i might be reviewing. i used to, but then i starred someone's book, and he blogged about how pleased he was to be starred by kirkus, and i saw him blog that because at the time i was reading his blog, and i was pleased hat he was pleased, and then i thought, "you know what, self? i feel dirty."

so no author blogs for me. it just feels too murky. oh wells.

Amanda said...

i totally understand, rebecca. i only read a few authors' blogs and have never been lucky enough to get any of their books to review, so i feel safely out of the murky areas here. but i get where you're coming from.